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Digital marketing extends well beyond marketing. Digital strategy touches nearly every business unit that touches the customer.

In 2004, when Lima Consulting Group (LCG) began, the big consulting firms had not yet established standardized digital practices. The specializations of analytics, tag management, social analytics, decision and recommendation engines for personalization, segmentation, A|B Testing and MVT testing, were either just emerging or non-existent, but we knew that the need for digital processing standardizations and adaptability would become a critical part of business practices.

Strategies and practices must be utilized to ensure digital practices transform with the ever changing digital landscape across all business units.

Most websites exist to acquire, convert, retain, engage and recover customers. The digital customer experience must extend across all business units including customer service, collections, account receivables, operations, product development, etc.

The migration to digital transformation involves more than marketing.

LCG updated our methodology from “developing, deploying and measuring” to “developing, deploying and optimizing”. It’s not enough to gain customer insights; that’s about getting smart. We also need to secure actionable intelligence, and get return. These two dimensions actually represent the X and Y axis of our digital transformation maturity model. (below)

Digital Transformation

In every business it’s hard to establish and keep a sustainable, competitive advantage.  But in digital businesses, it’s even more difficult.  Competitors can easily reverse engineer customer experiences.  It is important that organizations are good at:

– moving quickly
– launching early and often
– providing a minimally viable product offering.

All of these concepts are part of the Agile methodologies, which are being applied well beyond software development teams.

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That’s a tall order to go it alone.


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