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Follow our proven Customer Experience Model to pioneer new ground in your industry.

Break the inertia with guidance of the digital experts at LCG

Agents of change often seek to develop an enterprise-wide customer experience vision to break the inertia caused by silos, traditional business models, and a lack of data readiness. Without developing a compelling roadmap and value proposition, these change agents watch their initiatives false-start and visions burn out. Creating lasting change is not easy.

Choose an accomplished customer experience transformation consultancy to identify and build an integrated 3-year roadmap and CX strategy. LCG takes a flexible and personal approach to its transformations compared to the global firms often competing for the same business. LCG takes great care in learning the nuances of the way your organization operates, while balancing industry-leading businesses models with the flexibility to tailor-make deliverables. Leverage the superpowers of LCG to help you build the business case, break the inertia, and properly invest in your customer experience transformation initiative.


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Once the organization is aligned, LGC can take it from there and execute on the vision, producing quick wins and the foundational underpinnings of a successful digital future.


We begin customer experience transformation journeys by leading a scenario planning initiative.

Our process will help you tackle head on the challenges that most visionaries are experiencing: inertia, data quality, and consensus around the business case. LCG will actively evaluate scenarios for various business models and operating models. Each scenario features different costs, upsides, and degrees of change. You will look good if you do scenario planning because decision makers and funders can see that you've been thoughtful about considering a variety of alternatives in building a holistic 3-5-year roadmap.

Break the inertia with guidance of the digital experts at LCG.

Follow our proven customer experience model to pioneer new ground in your industry. We do not deliver formulaic recommendations or repurposed strategies. The definition of ready is seeing the customer experience transformation unanimously approved and funded. The definition of done is that CX is delivering your desired business outcomes.

LCG is the partner you want by your side when determining your unique digital future.

Lima Consulting Group

LCG is the partner you want
by your side when determining
your unique digital future.


Developing strategy, digital business models, and operating models to align business objectives with the desired customer experience. 


Identifying the purpose, people, processes, platforms and needed financial performance to enable and achieve desired business outcomes related to customer experience. Deploying the appropriate operating model using MarTech & AdTech. 


Manage the operating model via tactics and campaigns that map back to business objectives and provide engaging customer experiences. Make, manage, maintain, and monetize experiences that enrich your customers' life.