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Automate without sacrificing what makes your organization unique. Document before digitizing.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Lima Consulting Group

We start our NetSuite deployments with humility

Lima Consulting Group

If you’re a financial leader at a not-for-profit pursuing NetSuite implementation, you’ve found the right partner. We understand that all organizations are unique and have processes that cannot be mapped 1-to-1 to NetSuite OOTB. Don’t change your processes to fit NetSuite. We respect the way that you run your organization and won’t shoehorn you into a one-size-fits-all implementation. Partner with us to make NetSuite work for you. 

Our experience with not-for-profits has equipped us with a variety of custom Suitelet’s fit for many of your organization's needs. For each business process, we’ll collaborate with you to decide if you should leverage an out-of-the-box solution, accelerate time to value with a proven LCG Suitelet, or task us with building a custom Suitelet to conform to your exact requirements. Our proven process documentation methodology ensures our customers a systematic, accurate transition to NetSuite.  

You cannot digitize & automate what you have not documented

  • We start our NetSuite deployments with humility. Unlike other professional services firms who will promote the benefits of fully adopting the SuiteSuccess model, we’ll preserve your secret sauce and prevent process disruption, while positioning your organization to leverage the full power that NetSuite has to offer.
  • You cannot digitize & automate what you have not documented. In our experience, most organizations have not done the proper level of documentation detail. LCG brings experienced business analysts to each deployment who will conduct stakeholder interviews and efficiently document your processes to the exact level necessary to properly build them into NetSuite.
  • LCG has years of experience helping clients who are navigating the process of purchasing NetSuite and choosing the right modules & configurations.

Business Process Engineering

Lima Consulting Group

If you’re doing something new in your organization, you are a visionary. Change agents take risks. We help you mitigate them. 

Lima Consulting Group

You cannot digitize what you have not documented. Organizations that aspire to realize the benefits of automation & digitation but haven’t adequately documented its processes will be sorely disappointed with the results of its ERP implementation. In our experience, 90% of delayed, over-budget implementations are caused by insufficient process documentation. If your organization is considering a new ERP, good business process engineering is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Avoid cost overruns and delays. Give your builders the blueprints to build things right the first time. 

Leverage our process engineering skills to accelerate your financial transformation.

  • Do not begin bringing in technical resource, such as those individuals responsible for configuring your ERP system, until you’ve completed the documentation & architecture of the processes as they are today and the processes as they will stand when the new solution is implemented. The timeline for your ERP implementation cannot begin until the redesign engineering of the as-is and to-be processes are complete.
  • For every dollar you plan to spend with your technology vendor, you should plan to spend three dollars to effectively document your business processes before the implementation begins. Don’t let your technical build begin until your business processes are fully documented and wireframed.