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Customer Experience (CX) Accelerator:

What an amazing start for 2024!

Joe DiPietro, who manages our Sales Team here at LCG and I had a chance to bring one of our customers, a global Financial Services juggernaut, to the Adobe Customer Experience Center to San Jose, California. And we’re inspired.

This global firm aspires to do personalization at scale and accelerate their content supply chain. We were there as Trusted Advisors to help them best leverage our Customer Experience Accelerator and Framework within the context of Adobe’s cutting-edge platforms.

The Adobe product manager for the Generative AI product studio, Adobe Customer Data Platform, Markero, Target and Adobe Experience Platform all came in and showed cutting edge ways other financial services firms are leveraging the platform.

And we even had Christopher Young, who is Adobe’s long-time expert in Financial Services give us an overview of cutting edge innovations. City National then came in and shared their amazing journey leveraging the Adobe platforms.

And then Lima Consulting Group brought it home by placing the customers desired business outcomes within our Customer Experience Accelerator to show how they can innovate on their business model and plan a roadmap with the fastest paths to exceed their goals.

If you’re a visionary, and trying to break the inertia, build the business case, and gain the consensus to start, or you’re already along the journey and want to mitigate risks and get your projects to go faster, you might benefit from our CX Accelerator, too.

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