LCG and Adobe invite client to share best practices for banks looking for digital revolution


LCG, Adobe and Banco Pan

Digital Revolution

Sharing best practices for banks looking for digital revolution

In the second day of Febraban Tech 2023, we’ve teamed up with Adobe to have a meaningful conversation about what we were able to do together for Banco Pan, one of the Top 10 banks operating in the brazilian market.

Febraban Tech is the largest Tech & Innovation event for financial institutions in Brazil and takes place in São Paulo. On its 33rd edition, the event gathers leaderships from several sectors such as Finance, Technology, Sustainability, and many others interested in Innovation to discuss the theme “Bioeconomics and the opportunities in a digital society”.

Adobe, our long term partner, built the Adobe Experience Lounge on a mezzanine inside Febraban to promote exclusive meetings for top minds in the industries to talk about challenges, best practices and solutions for the digital future.


Fábio Peçanha

Managing Partner of LCG Brazil

Fábio Peçanha, managing partner of LCG Brazil, was invited to participate in a exclusive lunch where our client, Banco Pan, shared knowledge and advice for the visionaries in the crowd. Banco Pan was represented by Victor Miguel (Marketing and Performance Executive Manager) and Tales Rodrigues (Growth and CRM Executive Superintendent), Douglas Montalvão (LATAM Region Director) spoke for Adobe.

In the audience, there were more than 50 people while a line formed outside with many more executives willing to be a part of it. The conversation covered many topics like Banco Pan’s Success Case, most relevant trends for digitalization in the industry, 2023 Martech landscape and an overview of common challenges and opportunities presented to financial institutions aiming growth in the current economic scenario.

Best Practices for Banks Looking for Digital Revolution

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