Carahsoft and Lima Consulting Group, Working Together to Offer the Government Sector a Better Online Marketing Experience


 With the ever-expanding market for web analytics, it is important to take a step back and look at the big picture. More than ever before, it has become essential to both qualify and quantify consumer driven data. Whether the goal is to increase sales, hone in on a market segment, or improve a product offering, web analytics is becoming an essential investment rather than an optional business expenditure. What is in store for the crossroads of web analytics and customer engagement? To get a better idea of where everything is trending, we had the chance to chat with Jenna Hafey, Account Representative at Carahsoft Technology Corp. A trusted government IT solutions provider, Carahsoft syncs its technological expertise with an unparalleled understanding of the government procurement process. This breadth enables Carahsoft to consult federal, state and local government agencies on selecting and implementing the best solution and maximizing value driven results.


Q: How would you describe the federal, state and local public market opportunities for Analytics Consultants like LCG?

Right now is the perfect market for Analytics Consultants like LCG. Many Federal and State and Local agencies understand that they need an online strategy and a way to understand how people are engaging with and using their digital properties,however a lot of agencies are having trouble executing these strategies.  Partnerships between public sector agencies and companies like LCG will help agencies ensure that they are both developing and executing a successful digital strategy to ensure that agencies are able to use their website and social media channels to deliver accurate, correct, and updated information to citizens quickly and easily.


Q: Tell us about your experience teaming with LCG?

Our experience working with LCG was extremely easy and they were so flexible. We had to change content for one part of the series the day before and LCG was very eager and willing to update the content to make it the most relevant for the customers who would be attending the webinar. Carahsoft and LCG worked together to discuss challenges that the public sector is currently facing as it relates to web analytics and social media, and LCG took the conclusions from those discussions and delivered presentations and content that was very relevant to our public sector customers who were attending.


Q: How do you describe the educational content provided at the Analytics Webcast Series?

The content provided at the Analytics Webcast Series was very relevant and helped customers understand the general basics behind web analytics and understanding how citizens are engaging with your digital properties. Many agencies are just starting to use web analytics, so having a base understand how they work and where other customers have had success was very important. Seeing a product in action is always the easiest way to understand it. The demos that LCG provided during the webinar series were easy to follow and helped customers understand how Adobe’s solutions work together to give you an overall view of your digital properties.


Q: Do you see any future Co-Marketing activities between Carahsoft and Lima Consulting Group?

Absolutely, there are so many opportunities within the public sector for all of the solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Partnership between Carahsoft and LCG will ensure that these customers are receiving relevant and important information that will help them achieve and drive their mission forward.


Recently, Carahsoft partnered with Lima Consulting Group to host a series of educational Analytics webinars to the government sector at large. See below for the inside scoop!

6/12 Pt. I Acquisition – Utilize Your Digital Channels to Engage Citizens

6/19 Pt. II Conversion – Measure and Optimize Your Digital Channels

6/26 Pt. III Retention – Deliver Trustworthy Information to Citizens with Your Digital Properties



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