Project Clothes Swap Sneak: Adobe Summit 2020

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Adobe’s 2020 Summit Virtual Conference this year released some cutting-edge sneak peaks at future technology. One of the sneaks was for Project Clothes swap which would incorporate into Adobe Experience Manager. With Project Close Swap which uses 3D modeling, machine learning, AI and photography technology, clothing retailers are able to lower costs and create a more engaging customer experience.

This technology would make it easier than it traditionally is for the retailer, where each model needs to try on all items of clothing. For brands with a large inventory of items, this turns into hours of work for a photographer. Instead of taking individual images with different clothing items, with Project Clothes Swap, you would upload a model’s pictures from different angles. The technology would fit the clothing on the models without them having to try anything on, saving a significant amount of time.

With Project Clothes Swap, shoppers can see how each item looks on different models wearing possible clothing items in combination. Thus, when recommending a top for a pair of jeans for example, the shopper would be able to see how they look together, on any models of their choosing.

Click the link below to watch for yourself:

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