Webinar Recording: Optimize Customer Experiences with Design Thinking

Lima Consulting Group

If you looking to generate engaging digital experiences but are unsure where to begin, leveraging the knowledge within your organization is a good starting point. However, information is typically dispersed across the company in silos. Different business units often have their own vernacular. Design thinking provides a common language. It’s a customer-centric approach to problem solving that is both creative and practical.

Industry leaders use Design Thinking methodology to work with cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams to create innovative customer journeys. Learn how in our recorded webinar. 

Download the webinar below, Optimize Customer Experiences with Design Thinking, to learn:

  • When you should use design thinking
  • How to successfully lead a remote workshop
  • How to document winning customer journeys
  • How to map desired experiences in Signavio for builders

Download Recording of Our Virtual Round Table: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation in 90 Days

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