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5 Books to Help Customer Experience Executives Prepare for 2023

By Lima Consulting Group / December 14, 2022

I often asked what I’m reading to stay on top of future trends and to stay current on the industry. So why not ask some of the smartest people I know, the consultants at LCG, what they are reading and share my list with all of you as well?  While I have a number of resources […]

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Lima Consulting Group at SIP Connect 2015

By Lima Consulting Group / June 25, 2015

See Paul Lima, Managing Partner of Lima Consulting Group presenting at the InterAmerican Press Association annual conference, SIP Connect 2015. All guests attending to SIP Connect 2015 will gather for the closing ceremony today at 6:00 pm ET to learn from LCG’s Maturity Model. Paul Lima will be also introducing, for the first time in […]

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Five Brands That Are Setting The Bar For Customer Experience Innovation

By Lima Consulting Group / June 2, 2015

​ Companies that make life easier for their customers are rewarded with more than a one-time sale. Stimulated by sensationalism, social media trends and a generational force that is changing how brands earn loyalty and trust, consumers have become more critical and cynical. It is especially crucial for companies to cultivate their brand loyalists nowadays […]

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Digital Marketing Career Trend &Top Marketing Programs for Graduates of 2015

By Lima Consulting Group / May 22, 2015

​The period from mid-May to mid-July is one when hundreds of thousands of young adults in their early 20s say farewell to student lives and celebrate future. Yes, graduation season is well underway–with college seniors donning caps and gowns to celebrate their achievement. For those of you who are interested in entering a career in […]

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How A Little Known Concept From Sun Tzu’s Art Of War You’ve Never Heard Can Apply To Your Sales Pipeline

By Lima Consulting Group / July 4, 2014

Anyone who has ever been involved in selling something knows that there are so many things that can influence the deal.  Experienced sales teams use formal gates and stages to communicate the progress in their pipelines.  Ultimately these forecasts are reported to Wall Street.  Public companies ask sales teams to not only forecast the size […]

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