Digital Transformation
Maturity Model

Optimize your digital projects into a holistic program that drives efficiencies and new sources of growth.

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True digital transformation spans disciplines and departments to tap into four pillars of change: people, process, platforms, and financial performance.

Getting all those elements and their interactions right can be a real challenge for leaders, given all the embedded systems and conflicting priorities that exist. LCG developed our Digital Transformation Maturity Model to cut through all that will a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, and disciplined methodology we use with you to span all the dimensions a digital visionary must consider.


The re-alignment and investment in People, Process, Platforms, and Performance in support of existing and new business models to more effectively engage customers at every touchpoint with your brand.

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Build consensus with LoB leaders to overcome inertia

Hire or develop the digital skillsets you need now

Map the capabilities you need next

Design a staffing and partnership model(s)


Inventory the value-driving and cost-driving processes

Document current processes and redesign them for digitization

Align process maturity with the business model
and platforms

Determine "normal" bands and "alerts"

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Get the right data to the right people
to enable their decisions Platforms:

Develop a multi-year
Technology stack

Advise on the
procurement process,
including writing RFPs

Sequence and prioritize
technical capabilities needed
to execute on the business
and operating models

Data Readiness and Agility
Readiness Assessments


Build a customized portfolio
of business and operating

Align the key business
objectives with key
performance indicators

Prioritize and sequence the
investments in people,
processes, and platforms to
right-size the strategy

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