Carrefour Case Study

LCG Success Stories Real-time personalization for over 20 million retail customers to scale loyalty​ Carrefour invests in a powerful data-driven Martech infrastructure for real-time personalization, boosting interactions with over 20 million customers in Brazil.​ Building a Data Lake as a single source of information​ Unification and modeling of various customer data sources for integration with CDP (Customer Data Platform)​ Salesforce Stack: Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, […]

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Cogna Case Study

LCG Success Stories How Brazil’s largest education group turned data into knowledge With over 2 millions students enrolled across their educational offerings, Cogna was drowning in data and aspired to deploy personalization at scale. LCG recommended innovation to their existent business model, now they are activating their data and transforming the industry.​ 70% increase in

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