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Bill Good

Bill is the Practice Leader for the Financial Transformation business unit at Lima Consulting Group. His background is a unique blend of experience that makes him a valuable leader for those organizations that aspire to invest in their financial transformation.

He’s always been drawn to the intersection of business and technology.

Bill co-founded two venture-backed startups. In both cases, he led teams of engineers and scientists to discover and monetize new ways to add value in the scientific discovery process; one in clean-tech, the other in molecular discovery. As an experienced founder, he’s raised significant capital for startups and served as the financial leader in those organizations, managing the investor relations, the financial organization and the operational teams at various times in his career.

He holds a Master of Science in Technology Management, awarded jointly by the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering (SEAS) and the Wharton School, and holds a B.S. from Franklin and Marshall College.

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