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Herman Fuchs

Herman Fuchs is a Partner and the Digital Transformation Practice Director at LCG, Brazil

He is responsible for the Technical Delivery team, ensuring operational efficiency and delivery quality. He manages an interdisciplinary team of, digital transformation consultants, data engineers, data scientists, technical solutions engineers, and project managers.

The team builds data infrastructures in public clouds (Google Cloud, Azure, AWS), implements Martech, and enabling technologies from innovators like Adobe, Salesforce, Google. His team of systems integrators focus on generating business results by developing, deploying and optimizing digital transformation initiatives.

With 20+ years of experience in Technology & Data applied for business improvement, Herman has solid experience in evaluating complex business challenges and applying technical solutions to solve them. Prior to his role at LCG, Herman was Head of Data and Media at Linx, the Director of Technology for HUGE in Latin America and a former Partner and Director of Technology at DP6.

He earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing from the Universidade Presbiteriana MacKenzie in Sao Paulo.

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