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Welcome to the Visionary’s Guide to the Digital Future

By [email protected] / March 1, 2023

If the best way to predict the future is to invent it, then let’s get you ready to do just that. This podcast is created for the visionaries of today, who are charged with creating the digital experiences of tomorrow. I’m your host, Paul Lima, Managing Partner at the Lima Consulting Group. From Wall Street […]

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Why did Adobe buy Figma for ~$20B –

which is their biggest acquisition to date?

By [email protected] / September 15, 2022

Since they already have products that do some of what Figma does, it was a curious purchase at a horrific valuation (unless you were lucky enough to have participated as a private investor in Figma). But I think they really bought it to avoid another competitor to acquire it and start winning with creatives. The […]

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How Did We Do in 2014? Q&A Session With Paul Lima

By Lima Consulting Group / February 3, 2015

We met with Paul Lima, Managing Partner at Lima Consulting Group to talk about the top Digital Marketing trends for 2015. We went over some of his previous predictions for 2013 and 2014 and we were amazed to find that most of them happened! We need to find out where he keeps the crystal ball! We hope […]

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Talking to Jeff Lunsford, Chief Executive Officer of Tealium

By Lima Consulting Group / June 25, 2014

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with the leading marketing technology providers, Lima Consulting Group partners with the leading innovators in the industry.  Our partnership with Tealium is another demonstration of how LCG can help marketers reach a higher return on their marketing technologies. We recently had an opportunity to interview Jeff […]

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Digital Marketing To Latino Users: Paul Lima Interviewed

By Lima Consulting Group / March 4, 2011

Search Engine Strategies has been part of the search marketing conference landscape for over a decade. With a powerhouse trifecta of outstanding speakers, crowds in the thousands, and a three-day agenda of sessions ranging from über techtastic to super social-chic, it’s clear to see why this summit is labeled must-attend for many industry pros. This year, SES has […]

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