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Why Oracle is entering the digital analytics space 12 years too late

By Paul Lima / April 24, 2017

On March 10th 2017, Oracle announced that they will acquire the WebtrendsTM Infinity big data platform.  It’s been a missing link in their Digital Marketing Cloud and in my opinion, it finally gives the Oracle Marketing Cloud a digital analytics collection capability.  A marketing cloud platform needs a digital analytics collection capability to be complete.  […]

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Lima Consulting Group

The Missing Link Found – in the Adobe Marketing Cloud ID Service

By Paul Lima / April 15, 2017

Digital marketers report that they have tremendous difficulty in measuring the results of their marketing efforts. Analytics solutions and attribution analysis tools powered by data scientists are investments that sophisticated enterprises are making to try and gain consumer insights and actionable intelligence. And what makes this effort even more difficult is the connection between devices. […]

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Lima Consulting Group

An Oracle and NetSuite partner’s assessment on today’s acquisition. Why Oracle gets more than a Cloud ERP solution in their acquisition of NetSuite

By Paul Lima / July 28, 2016

I began the partnership for my consulting firm with NetSuite in 2006 and with Oracle since 2011. Today’s announcement is exciting and a long time coming. Today, Lima Consulting Group is one of only about 12 partners that were brought through the Maxymizer and Responsys acquisitions into the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s partner network on a […]

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ObservePoint’s Founder speaks out about Web Analytics Audit Software

By Paul Lima / June 18, 2012

Interview with: Robert K Seolas, Co-founder and CEO, ObservePoint We recently had an opportunity to interview Robert Seolas, Co-Founder of ObservePoint.  ObservePoint is a partner of Lima Consulting Group and is the software that we use to conduct web audits for Omniture’s SiteCatalyst products, Coremetrics, Google Analytics, and other popular web analytics solutions.   Q: […]

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Focusing on Content, Not Just Ads

By Paul Lima / March 27, 2012

For quite a while, the concentration in online analytics and tools to optimize results based on analytics revolved around ad optimization.  It was a world of sellers.  The focus was always on systems which could improve a company’s ability to recommend relevant products, increase conversions, and acquire traffic with increasing efficiency.  The solutions were skewed towards helping the sellers […]

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