Lima Consulting Group is a leading Adobe Gold Partner in the Americas

Lima Consulting Group

LCG is an Adobe Specialized Partner for Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Since 2006, LCG has deployed or tuned up over 1,000 deployments of the Adobe Experience Cloud (formerly Omniture)

How we helped
Citi achieve create their “Branch of the Future”

“Citibank was the first company in Brazil to implement Adobe Media Optimizer and we are pleased to have been its partner in executing its vision” says Fabio Peçanha, Partner at Lima Consulting Group.

Lima Consulting Group

Solutions Integration Across the Entire Adobe Stack

Connect your Customer Data Platform with your front-end experiences

Power personalization with data from back-end systems such as ERP, IVR, CRM and other internal data lakes

Integrate your tech stack with the Adobe Experience Cloud

Deployments of the Adobe Experience Cloud and all the solutions within it:

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Lima Consulting Group
Lima Consulting Group

Hot Topics with the Adobe Experience Cloud:

Migrate Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch

Take advantage of new features in the Adobe Analytics Cloud to maximize the value of contribution analysis and anomaly detection

Tune up your installation of Adobe Target to maximize the value of the new architecture now that the M Box is going away

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