Why Should You Care About Tag Management? – A Summary Of Forrester’s Report

In the previous blog post, we talked about the fundamental of tag management and how it may solve the problem of too much technology and data. Today, we will go more in-depth with Forrester’s Report on how you can advance you digital intelligence with tag management. Here are some key take ways from the report.
Problems Faced By Digital Marketers
In the ever-changing digital intelligence market today, CI professionals are struggling to integrate data, insights, and capabilities from multiple analytic-driven technologies to deliver digital intelligence for the following reasons:
■ Ad hoc processes for collecting digital data put digital analytics at risk.
■ Firms struggle to scale digital marketing programs
■ Without real-time data manipulation, optimization is limited.

Four Stages of Tag Management
In order to effectively handling high volume of data, CI pros must take heed and leverage tag management to scale the reach of digital intelligence across the enterprise and across digital touchpoints. There are four stages of tag management adoption, including:
■ Stage 1: improving operational management of tags.
■ Stage 2: using flexible multistakeholder digital data management.
■ Stage 3: scaling digital analytics and insights across the enterprise.
■ Stage 4: optimizing marketing and customer interactions.

Benefits Of Adopting Tag Management
Tag management capabilities accelerate the adoption of digital intelligence beyond just the management of tags, tag management delivers flexible yet safe data governance, scalable action-based analytics, and optimized customer engagements. Tag management facilitates this need and enables the availability of safe yet high-quality data for analysis by:
■ Improving data collection to boost marketing activities.
■ Providing flexible data governance to accelerate digital analytics.
■ Standardizing data collection and distribution using the data layer.
■ Increasing campaigns while reducing IT dependency.
■ Scaling data analytics across thousands of touchpoints with limited resources.

Recommendations For Online Marketing Strategy
A successful digital intelligence strategy has a sound tag management program at its heart. To leverage tag management for scalable, real-time, intelligence-driven customer engagement, CI pros must work with their marketing and business technology partners to:
■ Invest in tag management as a next step.
■ Keep tag management independent of your analytics technology.
■ Phase in tag management to support digital analytics.

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