The Value of CRT Positioning

Companies undertand the importance of  refining their CRT (click-through rates). This is because as the rates are improved with higher ranked keywords, the companies’ income can also greatly improve. Essentially, to determine the CTR, ‘number of visits’ is divided by ‘number of searches.’

In previous research, summarised by Chris Soames, an analysis of CRTs from Optify showed the importance of Page 1 and, in particular the top 3 positions.







This curve can be utilized when employing search engine optimization as each position demonstrates the divergence in capacity.

Below are comparisons of Google click-through rates by position.

Note: “Brand” terms received much higher CTRs and its great affect on rates as a whole.






















This graph presents obviously deviation in categorial divisions while highlighting  that the 1-3 positions scale over 50% of clicks.
The distribution acknowledges that vast majority of clicks are on the natural listings rather than paid search. This research suggests 94% on the natural listings.
This research is dated from June 2011; therefore, this graphed information does not reflect the latest changes to the SERPs results. The research is based on 28 million people in the UK, making a total 1.4 billion search queries during June 2011. The research is based on GroupM UK carried out with Nielsen.Further employable information founded in this research includes: Female are more likely to click on paid search results 53 to 47% and that Google (91% success rate) is a clear leader in terms of size and successful search rates compared to Bing (78% success rate).



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