Multi-lingual SEO

Tips For Targeting Latinos Online: New at #SESNY

By Paul Lima / March 25, 2011

Day 2 at #SESNY kicked off with a groundbreaking keynote. But wait. Let’s rewind. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Lima of Lima Consulting on the topic of Digital Marketing To Latino Users. The Q&A was an eye-opening peek at the opportunity represented by the growing online Hispanic market, and a serious appeteaser to […]

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Digital Marketing To Latino Users: Paul Lima Interviewed

By Paul Lima / March 4, 2011

Search Engine Strategies has been part of the search marketing conference landscape for over a decade. With a powerhouse trifecta of outstanding speakers, crowds in the thousands, and a three-day agenda of sessions ranging from über techtastic to super social-chic, it’s clear to see why this summit is labeled must-attend for many industry pros. This year, SES has […]

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Drupal’s SEO modules for multi-lingual websites

By Paul Lima / March 23, 2010

We’ve been working on a website for a client that needed some pretty slick features for their multi-lingual website and have been using Drupal. There are several modules that work very well with the system. And, of course, the Drupal website has a terrific SEO Checklist. We’ve been pleased with the modules we found, we tried out 3 and all of them worked well.

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5 Best Practices for Multi-lingual Search Engine Optimization

By Paul Lima / March 21, 2010

Multi-lingual SEO projects should start off by thinking about the complete user experiences of your most frequent use paths through the website. You’ll need to review your Analytics, and test these experiences with Pay Per Click advertising.

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