Optimize Your Advertising On Facebook

By Paul Lima / September 2, 2014

Anyone advertising on Facebook should take a quick read here.  For our customers who are running advertising with us, or for those thinking about running advertising platforms on our partner platforms from Adobe Media Optimizer or Kenshoo, please pay special attention to the targeting and bidding sections of this guide.

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10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

By Paul Lima / December 30, 2012

This blog posting is one of my favorite series, I’ve been posting a list of 10 digital marketing trends in ’11 and ’12. So what’s expected to happen in 2013? Brazil has the FIFA Confederations Cup in preparation for the ’14 World Cup, the US has a fiscal cliff to climb and together with the […]

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Facebook is a Bad Investment

By Paul Lima / April 9, 2012

We like Facebook for its internet marketing capabilities. But at a valuation of $100 billion, it’s definitely over-valued. The world’s largest social media network only made $3.1 billion last year, with an income of about $1 billion – so that’s a valuation that is 100 times larger than its income.  And Facebook has 800+ million […]

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for 2012

By Paul Lima / February 3, 2012

I remember hearing from Larry Ellison that in 1999, business had not figured out how to use the Internet.  At first, I rejected the thought, but within a few minutes realized that we had a long way to go and I agreed with him at the time.  I often wonder if we’re figuring it out […]

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Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

By Paul Lima / May 10, 2011

What did Microsoft really buy in this deal? Code? Nah… The Skype technology code base is similar to a version 1.0 of a microsoft product and is notoriously known for having been riddled with technical inefficiencies.  The Microsoft Lync product has relatively similar features to Skype.  So if Microsoft really wanted better code, I would […]

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Tips For Targeting Latinos Online: New at #SESNY

By Paul Lima / March 25, 2011

Day 2 at #SESNY kicked off with a groundbreaking keynote. But wait. Let’s rewind. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Lima of Lima Consulting on the topic of Digital Marketing To Latino Users. The Q&A was an eye-opening peek at the opportunity represented by the growing online Hispanic market, and a serious appeteaser to […]

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Digital Marketing To Latino Users: Paul Lima Interviewed

By Paul Lima / March 4, 2011

Search Engine Strategies has been part of the search marketing conference landscape for over a decade. With a powerhouse trifecta of outstanding speakers, crowds in the thousands, and a three-day agenda of sessions ranging from über techtastic to super social-chic, it’s clear to see why this summit is labeled must-attend for many industry pros. This year, SES has […]

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Social Media Guides for Corporations

By Paul Lima / January 24, 2011

I have recently been in discussions with a very large company about their social media guidelines.  Then, as a board member for the Wharton Alumni Association, I published yesterday our draft for the Wharton School for their Social Media handbook for how clubs, special interest groups and classes (think reunions) can use social media.  And […]

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3 Tips for Marketing your University to Military Personnel

By Paul Lima / January 18, 2011

Even the title of this blog is a painful reminder of the differences between how civilians speak, and how soldiers speak. For many reasons soldiers make terrific students.  Apart from the fact that Officers and Senior Enlisted soldiers need to obtain Advanced Degrees in order to advance in rank, they are generally disciplined, they have […]

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Top 10 online marketing technology trends for 2011

By Paul Lima / January 1, 2011

As the year comes to a close, and a new one begins, I reflect on the typical questions and trends I’ve seen and think about how best to advise our clients for 2011. Top 10 Trends of 2011: 10.  Facebook’s Online Marketing Platform The adoption of Facebook’s advertising capabilities and ability to target specific segments […]

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