Optimize Your Advertising On Facebook

Anyone advertising on Facebook should take a quick read here.  For our customers who are running advertising with us, or for those thinking about running advertising platforms on our partner platforms from Adobe Media Optimizer or Kenshoo, please pay special attention to the targeting and bidding sections of this guide.

Facebook is a Bad Investment

We like Facebook for its internet marketing capabilities. But at a valuation of $100 billion, it’s definitely over-valued. The world’s largest social media network only made $3.1 billion last year, with an income of about $1 billion – so that’s a valuation that is 100 times larger than its income.  And Facebook has 800+ million …

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Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

What did Microsoft really buy in this deal? Code? Nah… The Skype technology code base is similar to a version 1.0 of a microsoft product and is notoriously known for having been riddled with technical inefficiencies.  The Microsoft Lync product has relatively similar features to Skype.  So if Microsoft really wanted better code, I would …

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Digital Marketing To Latino Users: Paul Lima Interviewed

Search Engine Strategies has been part of the search marketing conference landscape for over a decade. With a powerhouse trifecta of outstanding speakers, crowds in the thousands, and a three-day agenda of sessions ranging from über techtastic to super social-chic, it’s clear to see why this summit is labeled must-attend for many industry pros. This year, SES has …

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