Applying the Buying Cycle for B2B Professional Services to Online Marketing

Online marketers need to keep the basics of marketing at the forefront of their strategy.  In B2B professional services companies, there is a pretty standard buying cycle that online marketers can use to address the strategy, tactics and campaigns to accomplish their business objectives.  The buying cycle usually consists of  5 steps and with each …

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Drupal’s SEO modules for multi-lingual websites

We’ve been working on a website for a client that needed some pretty slick features for their multi-lingual website and have been using Drupal. There are several modules that work very well with the system. And, of course, the Drupal website has a terrific SEO Checklist. We’ve been pleased with the modules we found, we tried out 3 and all of them worked well.

Can digital agencies do Strategy?

A new breed of management consulting company is emerging. We at Lima Consulting Group believe we’re at the heart of it. We’re more than an advertising agency, we’re digital marketers who integrate business strategy to get results. We have a four step methodology for developing, deploying and measuring profitable online marketing strategies. See our capabilities brief to learn more about how we help companies move their customers through the online marketing funnel to attract and retain the most desirable customers for their businesses.

Are keyword queries getting longer?

Keyword queries are getting longer in the US. We also identified some other useful information about search data, such as the amount of traffic that goes through the Pay Per Click side of Google and the number of unique queries.

Engagement Funnel for Social Media for Universities

University Alumni Affairs organizations and recruiting organizations would do well to spend a few minutes learning about how their prospective students and alumni engage with social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In our postings, we’ll address how Alumni Affairs and recruiting organizations can use social media. We recently published a social networking guide for the Wharton School Alumni Association board. In it we included sections that indicated how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to (1) Create groups, (2) Attract a following and (3) Engage the following.