Tag Management Systems

A Tag Management System (TMS) simplifies governance so that executives can trust their data

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The proliferation of platforms and related data in your business environment can be overwhelming. At the very least, it is difficult to manage.

A Tag Management System (TMS) is a foundational platform that enables marketers to connect all the elements of your digital tech stack (e.g., web analytics, search engine marketing, email service provider, advertising, social technologies, etc.) in a way that reduces ongoing development work and maintenance. As it relates to data, a TMS organizes data and keeps it current so the organization can use it.

Tag management systems

A TMS reduces the maintenance burden, improves data governance, improves site load time, and accelerates time to value for all of your MarTech & AdTech investments

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Organizations that work with LCG on tag management are more agile, because they are empowered everyone to leverage data more easily. LCG's global experts bring deep knowledge of local regulatory rules to ensure your tag management serves the business and complies with local requirements.

Unified Customer Data

LCG unifies customer data into a single source of truth, a universal data hub, that leverages real-time data to create richer, more personalized digital experiences across every channel.

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Proper deployment of your marketing and advertising tools through a TMS removes concerns that the data is not accurate, and can't serve as an input into decision making.

Accelerate Innovation

It also allows you to proliferate and accelerate innovation, because you can quickly spin up solutions and test them without a heavy implementation burden.

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TMS Allows Organizations to:

Make better decisions

Reduce costs

Protect your data

Improve the user experience (UX)

Comply with varied and rapidly-changing regulatory rules"

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