Social Media Guides for Corporations

I have recently been in discussions with a very large company about their social media guidelines.  Then, as a board member for the Wharton Alumni Association, I published yesterday our draft for the Wharton School for their Social Media handbook for how clubs, special interest groups and classes (think reunions) can use social media.  And then today, I see the US Army Social Media Handbook.

As a former US Army Officer I can tell you that the military has a very keen interest in leading in general.  And it should come as no suprise that they have taken an interest in leading the conversations about its mission (brand for “civilian speak”).  And some of the brightest minds in the Officer and Enlisted Corps are at the helm here (some of these guys looking at this were Rhodes Scholar candidates).

Army Social Media Handbook 2011

View more documents from U.S. Army.

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