Should I build an iPad application?

Look at the analytics.  If you’re users are visiting your existing website via mobile devices you can make a better decision.

If you’re using Google Analytics, go to Visitors > Mobile > Mobile Devices.

Media companies, Magazine, Subscription based websites and advertisers should consider building iPad applications.  I’ve tried to list out the following benefits.

Visitors by Mobile Device in Google Analytics

– Instant distribution of content

– Gain insights about the content published (for example, see how many users read each article)

– registered user option (paying or free access to both the app and/or each edition)

– applications built on XML are easy to keep the updated with continuous streams of content with each new edition

– applications that can integrate with Content Management Systems are preferable to minimize setup and implementation costs

– can embed video, music, podcasts, links, “Likes”, twitter, etc… to enhance the interactive nature of your content (for example, you can show a youtube video and have a quick poll to capture a reader’s interest)

– low cost to upload and submit each edition to iTunes (although iTunes takes a percentage)

– keeps the brand relevant to your readership

– push notifications to your readership

– increased awareness through the iTunes store

– positions the brand as a leading adopter in the minds of the readership

Because we see the amazing rate of adoption of the iPad and tablets  in the usage curves of many of our clients websites (across nearly all industries) Lima Consulting Group has recently established the capability to develop iPad applications.

University Alumni Magazines and the iPad

We see an obvious starting point with media companies, and Universities.  Posting an Alumni magazine to the iPad is an obvious first starting point for many Communications Editors.  We’ll have some exciting announcements about some applications we are currently developing for existing clients and Universities in the near future.



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