Dollar Thrifty got a 45% ROI using Omniture’s platform

Nucleus Research recently published a terrific ROI analysis of an Omniture client that used the SiteCatalyst, Test&Target, Test&Target1:1 and SearchCenter products.

The analysis would make a Wharton Finance professor proud, you’ll note on the last page that there were several areas that the researches did not attempt to qualify, including the net impact of better targeting, segmentation, and promotion to customers.  In other words, there is more upside to be had in the years ahead as the online marketing teams learn how to take advantage of improved segmentation.

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group (DTAG) deployed Omniture to create a central data hub to integrate and act on online and offline customer data, improving its ability to track, target, and measure customers’ Web activity, and increasing productivity and accuracy.

How Dollar calculated the ROI for Omniture

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