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Anyone advertising on Facebook should take a quick read here.  For our customers who are running advertising with us, or for those thinking about running advertising platforms on our partner platforms from Adobe Media Optimizer or Kenshoo, please pay special attention to the targeting and bidding sections of this guide.
Download Facebook’s Direct Response Marketing Guide
We live in a transformational time. As the need to stay connected becomes integral to our everyday lives, the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops is becoming increasingly common. Not only are people using multiple devices, they’re constantly switching between them throughout the day.
Marketers are faced with the challenge of reaching their consumers in this changing environment.
With over 1.32 billion people on Facebook checking their News Feed an average of 14x per day, Facebook provides a unique opportunity for businesses to drive positive business results with more of the right people across devices. Marketers can:
• Reach more of the right people with Facebook’s sophisticated suite of targeting products
• Drive action across devices with ad units in News Feed
• Make insightful decisions with Facebook’s measurement solutions
From campaign prep to targeting, creative, bidding, measurement and optimization, this guide will walk you through our entire solution and best practices for setting up an effective direct response campaign.
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