Looking Into The Crystal Ball For SEO


Ask any digital marketing expert, and he or she will likely agree that SEO is vital for the success of your digital marketing efforts. It seems like successful SEO tactics constantly change. Therefore, figuring out the latest trends is crucial to keep your strategies up-to date.

Brent Gleeson recently published an article on Forbes called 7 Bold Statements About The 10 Year Forecast For SEO where he highlights some trends to pay attention to:

  1. Users will rely on specific niche search engines for certain topics. More webpage appear online every day at a rapid rate. More specialized search engines for different types of information will emerge and be preferred over search engines likeGoogle. Amazon is a great example
  2. Embedded online search in apps will be on almost any desktop and mobile application. SEO will extend beyond the search engines into everyday applications.Things to consider are how applications name documents by default. Names of apps should be accompanied with proper keyword research. We can also optimize for results in apps that look for supplemental information online.
  3. SEO & social media will further merge with traditional PR & marketing practices. SEO will focus on the production of great content that can come in a number of mediums: textual, images, videos, interactive apps, and more.SEOs that do not evolve and understand the fundamentals of traditional marketing and storytelling will become obsolete.
  4. Social media sites that have everyday user functions will outlive others. Social media will continue to be part of SEO in the future which makes this an important piece. Social media sites will continue to rise and fall over the coming decade. Sites likeFacebook however that continue to improve technology for common usage will thrive.
  5. Technical SEO professionals will find better opportunities with software companies; as opposed to marketing agencies. .Google is always getting better at reading code. It is already interpreting some JavaScript code that other search engines still struggle with. It’s also one of the primary search engines that reads content within Adobe Flash files.
  6. Users will be increasingly more savvy making older online marketing tactics obsolete. These savvy younger generations will be the online population majority soon, and targeting specific demographics with valuable content will be critical. In-depth research and strategy will be imperative.
  7. SEO will never be a popular professional degree in college. Sure, there will always be certification courses available but it will never bloom into a bachelor’s level degree. Developing a detailed curriculum that remains relevant would be almost impossible. Traditional marketing and computer engineering degrees will continue to remain most important in the SEO space.

No one can be sure of how SEO will be in 10 years but make sure to keep these trends in mind while you develop your SEO strategy roadmap.


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