LinkedIn Hyper Growth in Brazil

This week LinkedIn announced they had reached a new milestone, 100 million professionals worldwide using their service.  Although further proof of the power of social/professional networking online needs no more validation at this point, the infographic they released had one point that jumped out at us: Brazil.  It seems LinkedIn’s growth is being helped along in no small part by the continued explosive growth of the Brazilian professional community.

Once, when asked by a soldier as to where they should go, Napoleon simply responded, “March to the sound of the guns.” – because that was where the action was.  In today’s global economy, the cannons are firing quite loudly in the next generation of industrial powers like China, India, and of course Brazil.  Brazilian businesses in particular are rapidly implementing the best practices of the US and Europe by building out their online presence to capitalize on an increasingly upwardly mobile population that is becoming more wired by the day.  With that in mind, the growth of the LinkedIn population, at 428%, is another clear boom on the horizon, and business of all kinds would be wise to not ignore them.



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