Latin American Countries Most Interested in the Cloud

Source: Terra.Com

A study from Tata Consultancy Services indicates that Latin American countries are the most interested in adopting cloud-based systems, followed by Asian countries.

The research, which included the participation of 600 IT managers from large companies, noted that 39% of Latin American companies are already using cloud computing applications, a figure twice the American rate (19%) and more than three times that of Europe (12%).

According to the same survey, 28% of Asian companies use cloud-based systems.  Respondents cited flexibility and simplification of procedures as their main reasons for adopting the cloud.  The model’s second major advantage for Latin American and Asian companies would be the possibility of adding or removing systems quickly.

On the other hand, concern with the cloud’s security weaknesses is the main reason for companies, especially public companies, not to adopt the use of remote servers – only 20% of respondents indicated that they trust cloud-based systems with their corporate data.

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