How should PPC influence SEO?

Pay Per Click Scouts assessing keywords before conducting SEO

Pay Per Click advertising is like reconnaissance, especially for companies that are starting their online marketing strategy.

When I was a young Platoon Leader in the US Cavalry, my Battalion Commander told me that when he sent me out to conduct scout missions to be his “eyes and ears”.  Should I fire our main guns, I would commit the other 72 tanks in the Battalion, a function that he would normally make.  We had to be stealthy, and watch and learn and send back the information so that he could position the main body of our forces.

Pay  Per Click advertising is like the reconnaissance and conducting Search Engine Optimization is like the “main body”.  Cast a wide net of keywords in your portfolio.  Experiment with many advertisements, use a “champion vs challenger” concept to conduct A|B testing to see which ad works best for each keyword.  Do the same for each landing page; that is, create at least two landing pages for the better performing ads and keyword combinations.

Once you’ve gained this learning, translate that into your SEO initiatives.  Optimize the link between keywords searched and the copy on respective pages based on the user experiences of the PPC traffic.

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