ExactTarget Identifies the Digital Personas of Consumers

ExactTarget, a partner with Lima Consulting Group, describes a series of divergent personas that online consumers represent.

Accurate communication is key when interacting with customers. to make this connection, you must know your consumer; personalities, preferences, and most importantly, the online role the consumer is most identified with.

Below are a number of the more distinguishable profiles and online tendencies:

Family & Friends – Focused on family and close friend relationships—they’re not particularly interested in developing new online relationships.

Shopper – Shopping is the focus while online—but this isn’t limited to online transactions. Much of their time is spent researching future purchases. Think quality over savings with these consumers.

Cautious – Characteristically guarded and selective about the communication channel through which they communicate with brands, including the type of information being shared.

Deal Seeker – Desperately seeks promotional content of all kinds, across all channels, including exclusive deals, freebies, discounts, vouchers and sale notifications.

Information Seeker – Consuming information is key. These consumers may seek the opinions of others, but are not interested in creating new content, commenting on the experiences of others or contributing to online conversations.

Enthusiast – Online time is spent gathering information on personal interests—especially as it pertains to music, sports, pets, politics and other opinion-based topics.

News Junkie – News and world-events are their primary interests and the Internet is used to stay up-to-date.

Gamer – Behaviour varies from casual use of Facebook or free gaming sites to a serious investment in the gaming lifestyle. They play games, read about games and download games when online.

Socialiser – Primary online interest is to maintain online friend groups using an array of social media tools.

Lifestyle Oriented – Prefer to spend time online supporting a social lifestyle and seeking information on lifestyle interests like food, restaurants, fashion, travel and movies.

Expressive – Uninhibited when online,expressing personal opinions, likes and dislikes freely.

All Business – Business trends, communicating with existing business contacts and making new contacts through networking sites like LinkedIn are their focus. There is also typically some level of company or personal career promotion.

Connector – Known best as social “influencers,” their online time is spent connecting, educating people and turning others on to new information and resources.

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