Enterprise Resource Planning software increases operational efficiency by managing and improving how organizations utilize resources.

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ERP systems integrate the back-office operations of a business including managing finances, inventory, procurement, shipping, ordering, billing and even HR.

Without an overview of these essential business processes, it's impossible to judge organizational health, and improve efficiency.


LCG excels at helping organizations gain consensus around adopting major projects that will lead to increased efficiency. We start by interviewing key stakeholders, learn your business, and your culture, which allows us to help you make a convincing business case leading to adoption.

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First, we help organizations develop a strategy to review all business processes that will be impacted by adopting an ERP solution. Once we learn your goals, we are able to help you select the best solution to meet your needs.


Then we support implementation. We have a seasoned ERP implementation team that has performed countless projects just like yours. Through our consultants' prior experience, we ensure deployment follows best practices. Our tried-and-true methodology eliminates risk or common pitfalls of implementation.

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Finally, we educate your team with the skills they will need to realize the value of your technology through multi session knowledge transfers.