Creativity in New Marketing

Leaders in the development of new technologies, such as Adobe, Google, IBM, WebTrends, and Yahoo, are currently locked in a race to create powerful analytics tools in the field of digital marketing.

Thanks to their innovation, the business data available to organizations becomes more detailed every day, allowing for the creation of extremely reliable market research campaigns.  In just minutes, these new platforms deliver comprehensive customer profiles, evaluate the quality and appeal of web content, detect digital consumer interactions, and much more – all in real time.  These powerful tools are super-effective for making decisions and solving complex marketing problems.

In the face of these limitless technical possibilities, one unique human skill is now allowed to take center stage: creative development.  It is no longer enough for marketing professionals to simply craft intelligent campaigns, design exciting concepts, or effectively convey emotion.  Instead, marketers face the new challenge of using detailed data to develop a distinct message that is valuable and attractive to thousands, or even millions, of unique individuals – all of whom are looking for something both innovative and attention-grabbing.

By leaving the numerical work to technology, businesses now have more space for imagination and talent to flourish.  As a result, achieving excellence in the vast ocean of web content is no longer the privilege of a small group.  These days, anyone who wants to develop their creative skills can do so at any time, thanks to these powerful new analytics tools.

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