Congratulations To Our Partner Ensighten For Acquiring TagMan


By Josh Manion, CEO

Four years ago, we founded Ensighten with a bold vision: to transform the way enterprisescollect, own and act on all of their customer data across every digital touchpoint. And in today’s increasingly connected world, as we move towards the inevitable ‘Internet of (Every) Things,’ our vision holds true —and is even more true for our customers.

Today we take a major step forward in achieving this vision with the acquisition of TagMan, the pioneer in Tag Management Systems. TagMan has been an innovator and thought leader in the tag management space since its founding in 2007. Its Marketing Data Platform is uniquely aligned with Ensighten’s Agile Marketing Platform, enabling customers to collect, own and act at massive scale:

  • Collect customer data from every digital touchpoint
  • Own all the data as first-party
  • Act on data in real-time to deliver personalized user experiences across every device and channel

One of the founding principles of Ensighten is to look at every issue—business or technology—through the eyes of our customers. This acquisition is no exception. We were attracted to TagMan not only by the quality of their team, technology and customer base, but also because they share this philosophy. A small but significant example of their customer-centric focus is how TagMan loads its page tag early and quickly. This is an important advantage for customers, enabling our combined technologies to guarantee that personalized content never flickers, user privacy is never at risk and analytics are never jeopardized.


Bottom line: what does this mean to you?

TagMan customers: It’s business as usual, with the added power of the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform now available. The team remains dedicated to supporting you and the TagMan Marketing Data and Attribution Platform as long as you choose to use it.

Ensighten customers: We’ll continue to improve your marketing agility and build even better experiences for you and your customers.

The marketplace: Our new combined entity is redefining the marketing cloud. The days of closed platforms that lock-in digital marketers to third-party vendors are limited. The future is very bright, and it’s about open platforms that deliver personalized brand experiences across every channel and device.

It’s a brand new game. And to everyone looking to utilize data to its fullest potential, we say: Game on.

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