Business Process Optimization

Ideate. Envision. Document. Digitize.

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World-class digital experiences combine the best of what your business already offers with new ideas delivered via carefully-crafted process.

Organizations leverage what works for their customers today, while filling new demands for the future.

LCG consultants meet you where you are to balance vision with execution

LCG consultants collaborate with you to capture and document how you work today, establish a vision for how you want to work tomorrow, and design and implement the processes you'll need to deliver high-quality customer experiences. The resulting vision and processes are:

Document Management System (DMS) being setup by IT consultant working on laptop computer in office. Software for archiving, searching and managing corporate files and information. Business processes


It's hard to digitize what you haven't documented, and even harder to communicate what you're doing to get buy in from your stakeholders. LCG documents your current and future process to ensure you translate current sources of success to digital channels.


Stakeholders in various functions and roles will all be working from the same playbook to implement and then manage the digital customer experience. LCG provides actionable, front-stage customer journey maps that tie to backstage processes as one cohesive deliverable.

Diverse International Team of Industrial Engineers and Scientists Working in Research Laboratory and Development Center. People Working with 3D Printing, Using Computers, Designing Hardware
Young business people are discussing together a new startup project. A glowing light bulb as a new idea.


The digital transformation plan begins where the business can best create it-usually in thriving business areas. From there, LCG works with you to assess and plan for disruptive and transformative ideas

Together, we create digital experiences that surprise and delight

Visionaries who work with us remove the uncertainty of digital transformation through:

Consensus around key initiatives

LCG enables leaders to build consensus across the organization and rapidly bring in additional collaborators.

Decreased risk of failure

The documentation and vision creation processes minimize miscommunications and throw-away efforts as you bring on additional technical and business practitioners.

On-time and on-budget delivery

Because you've documented the data flows and technical processes
from the outset, mitigating uncertainty.

Typical Deliverables

Clients can expect the documentation needed to communicate, build and optimize world-class customer experiences across internal and external agency partners.

Rapidly documented "As-Is" processes using leading customer journey mapping and business process modeling notation 2.0 compliant solutions

"To-Be" processes that are ready for implementation and easily understood by all stakeholders

Business Requirements Document

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LCG employs digital visionaries who have pioneered their industries. Our consultants have already imagined the future from the top of their fields and led teams successfully along the pioneers' trail. They've been there and done it.

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