Black Friday sales decline, online sales skyrocket


The American phenomenon of Black Friday shopping has been losing its tread on consumers with this year’s sales down almost seven percent from 2013, according to trade group NRF. Although shoppers are spending less overall and are weary of venturing out to hectic stores, they are more willing to make their purchases online.

Adobe concluded that a new record was set for online shopping over the famous weekend with online Thanksgiving sales reaching $1.33 billion and Black Friday sales hitting $2.4 billion. However, because of more sales starting on Thanksgiving day this year, the margin of sales between the two days was declined from 2013.

In another turn of events, mobile browsing outperformed computer browsing for online shopping on Thanksgiving, accounting for 52.1 percent of traffic.

What does this mean for retailers? Consumers are slowly becoming less invested in the shopping craze of Black Friday. Online shopping is becoming a more appealing alternative to waiting in line for hours in a store, and the convenience of mobile devices has made online shopping even easier.

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