Are keyword queries getting longer?

Indeed they are.

On average, Google states that the average query is now a little over 4 keywords.  That’s been true since the fourth quarter of 2007.   Comscore indicated that in Latin America average length of keyword queries are still about 1.5.  This should continue to increase as users there learn how to target local ads and as they search for more specific topics.

Google also indicated that about 14% of their clicks go through their Sponsored Links program, commonly called Pay Per Click Advertising through Google Adwords.  Of course, that means that 86% of their clicks are organic.  Oddly enough, they also indicated that this figure is actually up slightly, meaning that users are finding more value in their paid advertisements than in months past.

Lastly, another find is that 25% of Google’s user queries are unique, meaning no other user has used the same query previously. This is pretty constant over time.

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