Adobe acquires Efficient Frontier

A thunderclap just rolled across the world of web marketing.

Less than an hour ago Adobe announced the acquisition of Efficient Frontier, the absolute gold standard in paid advertising bid management.

Efficient Frontier is the industry leading bid management system due to the fact that is uses modern portfolio theory algorithms to actively manage paid advertising campaigns.  This is the kind of mathematical wizardy that is used on a daily basis by the titans of finance to manage automated bids and sales of stock.  Literally trillions of dollars are managed on the back of this kind of technology, and now Adobe has brought it into the fold of the Omniture Marketing Suite.

Efficient Frontier will be married with Omniture’s already powerful SearchCenter to create a PPC management system that is quite frankly leaps and bounds past any other solution currently 0n the market.   And as a part of the Marketing Suite, all of these capabilities will automatically integrate into the reporting and tools across the system – all in all, the only way to describe the upcoming behemoth that is Efficient Frontier + SearchCenter is “untouchable.”

What this means for digital marketers is that they will be able to use the top bidding engine in the industry on top of the top analytics tool in the industry to manage their paid media spend.  Having the ability to use a PPC bidding engine to make adjustments to keywords, ads, the ability to optimize your PPC prices dynamically, to the minute and having that data linked to your actual web sales is a huge step forward in the industry.  The rules for measuring and optimizing your Return on Ad Spend have changed.  This acquisition confirm what we’ve been saying for years about the need for bidding platforms to integrate with analytics platforms.  The acquisition is a game changer.

Adobe’s continued aggressive pursuit of the leaders in online marketing realm is truly remarkable.  This year alone they have acquired Auditude, Demdex, and now Efficient Frontier.  Its a good time to be an Omniture user, and looks like it will continue to be for a long while to come.



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