$4 billion in financing available to IBM Business Partners to provide clients access to the latest technology

IBM is making things easy for customers to implement their tool.  Other vendors require a payment upfront and do not offer help with financing.

Source: ibm.com/partnerworld

IBM announced that its global ecosystem of credit-qualified Business Partners will have access to financing of up to $4 billion over a period of 12 months through IBM Global Financing. IBM is delivering more simplified access to financing options for credit qualified businesses, opening the door for affordable financing options that will help businesses quickly and easily acquire advanced technology solutions such as analytics, cloud, and PureSystems that can ultimately help drive growth.

For Lima Consulting Group, working with IBM Global Financing means to improve our cash flow, grow our business, and also help our clients improve their competitive position. When we recommend IBM Global Financing, we’re not only offering our clients real value–we give ourselves a number of advantages throughout the sales process.  IBM Global Financing enables us to sell more by making solutions more affordable and overcoming our clients’ cost and budget challenges.

The announcement was made as follows:

“Dear IBM Business Partner:

When money is tight, the IT budget is often squeezed as proposals for new purchases are judged against tougher criteria. To help spur innovation and growth, IBM announced it is providing its Business Partners globally with up to $4 billion in financing for credit-qualified clients over a period of 12 months. This financing, available through IBM Global Financing, will help your clients gain access to innovative technologies, such as cloud, analytics and PureSystems.

A simple online tool, called Rapid Online Financing, helps you generate fast approvals for credit applications, provide your clients with instant financing quotes and generate financing contracts, all without contacting IBM. In addition, a new mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices has been developed so you can obtain price proposals and generate credit approvals for clients in a matter of minutes. This new tool provides you with an easy way to give your clients the financial information they need in order to say “yes” to purchasing the latest technology. The mobile app will be available in the United States in November and rolled out globally beginning in China in January 2013.

IBM Global Financing offers simple, flexible lease and loan packages, some starting as low as 0 percent for 12 months with no money down, enabling IBM clients in small, mid-size and large businesses to acquire the technology and services they need from IBM and those developed by IBM Business Partners. With the availability of $4 billion in financing, it’s our intent to arm you with financing to help our mutual clients jumpstart business transformation and grow through the use of the latest technology.

This announcement builds on the $1 billion in financing that IBM Global Financing made available through IBM Business Partners for small and medium businesses in 2011. Last year’s initiative resulted in more than 6,800 companies around the world using financing in the past 12 months.

Finding capital for a new business idea can be challenging. We are aiming to provide the financing resources needed to ensure businesses, large and small, have access to the right IBM solutions for their success.


Mark Hennessy

General Manager

IBM Global Business Partners & Midmarket

Martin Schroeter

General Manager

IBM Global Financing

Kristie Bell

Vice President, Channels

IBM Systems & Technology Group

Mark Register

Vice President, Business Partners & Midmarket

IBM Software Group”

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