What we do


Don’t travel without first knowing where you’re going

The time to set a digital marketing strategy is at the beginning.  The effort expended planning before any campaign is launched, or any code is written, is a force multiplier for any work done down the road.

Lima Consulting Group is best known for delivering cohesive and integrated online marketing strategies. Developing strategy starts with an understanding of business objectives. From there, collaborates with you to make a recommendation on an appropriate online marketing strategy. We help define objectives and goals, set your expectations and determine how results should be measured.


Your strategy is toothless without the right tools


We identify the software, systems and even processes needed to execute your digital strategy. Sometimes we make recommendations on human resources, training and we implement the software needed to run a successful and integrated online marketing strategy.

Technology should not define or confine the desired business processes; rather they should support them. Business requirements and process maps are very helpful tools we deploy to ensure we get this step right.


Executing a strategy often involves the coordinated management of internal and external resources. We often manage these processes and resources for our clients to ensure the desired outcomes.  We also deliver full project plans should the client choose to execute internally or with other resources.  LCG is here to support your team as much, or as little as is needed.  Our mission is to ensure our clients can become as successful as possible, in the most economic way possible.



Always be optimizing

A digital marketer’s work is never done.  As more and more commerce moves into digital, the landscape never settles, and your competition is always just around the corner.  If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

We consider the measuring and adjustment stage one of the most important parts of any digital strategy.  For any organization to think that their strategy is flawless is a foolish act of hubris.  Even the best thought out plans need to be capable of learning about their own strengths and weaknesses and use that data to continuously evolve and stay ahead of the competition.

Experts in advanced analytics

Its because of this that LCG has built a consulting ethos around data-driven marketing.  Our key competency is in the implementation, analysis, and ongoing optimization of digital marketing strategies through the use of advanced analytics solutions from industry-leading partners such as Adobe, IBM, and Google.

During this stage of marketing, we focus on helping our clients make more money and gain efficiencies. We hold routine meetings to review the performance of campaigns and identify new areas for testing. As we gain more consumer insights, we offer recommendations on how to create new experiences for our clients.