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aquisition_optimizationApplying Art and Science to Engage Your Audiences

Lima Consulting Group has several solution offerings to help our customers acquire relevant visitors to their digital experiences.  You’ve invested a great deal in the customer journey and we can help you use the best-practices to increase the quality and the quantity of people visiting your digital properties.

We’ve lowered the cost to acquire customers for organizations that spend tens of millions of dollars a year on Paid Advertising.  And we take on large and small budgets alike.

Call us if you want to:

seta_icone Lower the cost to acquire new customers through digital marketing

seta_icone Use search, social and display advertising with programmatic tools

seta_icone Use call analytics to measure the cost to acquire a qualified lead

seta_icone Use analytics to gain consumer insights

seta_icone Integrate my first-party data with acquisition platforms

seta_icone Keep my SEO rankings when we migrate CMS and e-commerce platforms

seta_icone Improve my SEO rankings

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conversion_optimizationWe have 20 milliseconds or less to present the right experience to visitors.

So the acquisition initiatives are bringing visitors to your digital properties. Now you’re ready to improve your digital experience, optimize your offerings to delight more of them. You are eager to present the most meaningful experience across the digital journey.

Customers are more informed than ever by the time they engage with your sales organization. The notion of a standard marketing funnel that you control has shifted to one that the prospect now controls. And with the pace of innovation, they control more of it than marketers would like to admit.

There are a lot of things to get right.

Call us if you want to:

seta_icone Segment your customers and prospects

seta_icone Personalize content, products or ads

seta_icone Integrate on-line and off-line customer data to improve your ability to segment

seta_icone Use A|B and MVT platforms

seta_icone Develop a testing plan to improve conversions

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Retain, Engage and Recover


Marketers know that it’s much easier to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. One of the best ways to keep customers is to provide excellent customer services through digital channels. The cost savings alone on customer service initiatives can be larger than the entire marketing operation for larger organizations.

If customer service weren’t all, the need to provide engaging content can keep your brand relevant. That’s why we group E-Mail and Social within our Retention Business Unit.

Lastly, when customers do leave, there are digital marketing best-practices that LCG deploys to re-engage them, and bring them back.

Call us if you want to:

seta_icone Use marketing automation to develop workflows to engage prospects and customers

seta_icone Implement, maintain or optimize an Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Responsys, ExactTarget or Adobe Campaign

seta_icone Develop customer journey maps and optimize them

seta_icone Develop a social marketing capability which includes social listening, social publishing, social analytics, social advertising and social customer care

seta_icone Track call analytics and tie that back to customer purchases, customer behavior on your properties and their survey data

seta_icone Collect voice-of-customer insights

seta_icone Stitch together customer data from online and offline systems

seta_icone Recover customers

seta_icone Serve customers through lower cost channels


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Strategy and Planning


Digital Strategy Consulting

We hear all the time “How did you know that we were starting to think about that?” Our Digital Transformation Maturity Model provides us insight into your journey, where you’ve been and more importantly where you should go.

Digital Transformation and their underlying capabilities begin with a comprehensive, integrated digital strategy across all of your departments, business units and functional teams. Getting everyone on board often starts with some consensus building and small steps taken by visionaries and change agents within your organization.

We love working with those that have the courage to apply best-practices in their organizations and stand in their belief that data is changing digital. We are in this together, we want to help you take the risks away from being a visionary and help you create the most innovative and meaningful digital experiences in your industry.

LCG introduced our Digital Transformation Maturity Model and our Data Readiness Maturity Model to the market in 2008 and have continued to refine them ever since. They have been field—tested with hundreds of organizations and provide proven methodologies to help organizations create sustainable, competitive advantages by transforming your digital future.

We love sharing these with digital change agents and we consistently get feedback that customers are shocked how much the models accurately map to what they’ve already done or regrettably, what they wish they had done. And more importantly, we can provide insights and priorities in assessing what technologies should be next.

It was from these discussions that we arrived at the tag line, Digital Clarity.

Call us if you want to:

seta_iconeImprove your digital experiences and customer journeys

seta_icone Develop a strategy for digital transformation

seta_icone Select the right marketing technology stack

seta_icone Avoid first-time buyer mistakes when negotiating contracts with the marketing cloud providers

seta_icone Gain consensus within your organization on your digital strategy

seta_icone Become a data-driven organization

seta_icone Improve your return on ad spend

seta_icone Trust your data

seta_icone Accelerate your return on marketing technologies

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Implement a Solution


So you bought the next software solution and are ready to deploy it. We have engineered quick start deployments for the major categories of Marketing Technology that nearly all organizations will eventually deploy. We have processes, methodologies and checklists that make implementing and integrating solutions fast and efficient.

Give us an opportunity to price out an engagement for you and see why we are able to provide such quick and affordable implementations.

Maintain a Solution

So you are happy with your deployment of the latest marketing technology you’ve purchased. Now you’re just too busy to keep it up to date. You don’t want to let it go and have to do a re-implementation in a year. You know enough to hire a consulting firm to help you maintain the solution. We do maintenance retainer packages for all of the major categories of marketing and advertising solutions listed below:

Web Analytics Conversion Optimization Data Management Platforms
Tag Management Email Service Providers Social Platforms
Tag Auditing Marketing Automation Programmatic Ad Buying & PPC
Data Science & BI Content Management Systems SEO
Data Visualization E-commerce Platforms Content Marketing

Select a Solution

LCG has a team that is trained and certified with the technology solutions in many of the digital marketing and advertising technologies you may be considering. Put our decades of experience to work for you and in selecting your next Marketing Technology investment.

Competitive Intelligence

We have first-party data about what technologies others in your industry are using. We benchmark implementations of each MarTech and AdTech category and can offer insights into their levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Vendor Selection Engagements

LCG has done a lot of work in the US Federal Government. While many folks in commercial would say that they don’t need all of the steps needed for a federal procurement, what is nice about having this experience is that we’re able to quickly deploy very detailed vendor selection templates for just about any category we cover. We can conduct a vendor assessment for your organization quickly and accurately. Our templates already have the rows and columns a detailed vendor selection matrix would typically have.

The benefits of working with LCG to conduct Vendor Selection Engagements: